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In the Flow of Life, This Dynamic Woman Is in Perpetual Motion.

“I help people and pets find happy homes” states Flo about her purpose in life. Flo has always been an animal lover and advocate. 
It’s not every person who literally bounces out of bed in the morning, raring to go. As her name would suggest, Flo is in perpetual motion, approaching each new day with unstoppable energy and drive. Whether she’s taking a walk with her husband Tim or helping people achieve their real estate goals, Flo’s passionate approach is positively infectious.

People Power

With her fun-loving, spirited demeanor, Flo enjoys doing anything spur-of-the-moment—particularly if it involves being among people. “Don’t leave me alone with nothing to do!” Flo says jokingly. Her natural charisma is like a magnet that draws others to her, and with her great sense of humor, she loves making people laugh. At the same time, this respected businesswoman is as organized and as diligent as they come. Perfection is Flo’s goal with anything she does—from singing a song with her band to finding the right solutions for people in her work.

Influence in Motion

Born and raised in Maine, Flo likes to credit her lively personality to her grandmothers. Not only did they instill a sense of order, but they also encouraged her to pursue excellence at every turn. In addition, it was her grandmother Florence – Flo’s namesake – who inspired her passion for music. The wisdom Flo gained from these family members influenced her decision to study gerontology at the University of Maine. After graduating with high honors, Flo became a licensed social worker with the elderly. She cherished the relationships she built with her patients, many of whom considered her a member of their family.

A Seasoned Expert

Flo is past president of Feline Folks, a non-profit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of feral cats in Sun City Center. Pictured is Blackie, Flo’s rescued feral cat who is now her spoiled, indoor pet.
Flo’s exceptional credentials give her the expertise to help you make the best decisions.
The energy and enthusiasm apparent in every aspect of Flo’s life is nowhere more apparent than in her real estate career. Even after more than 31 years in the industry, this motivated professional is still as excited as ever to help people achieve their home buying or selling goals. She combines a passion for her work with unsurpassed knowledge and expertise, so it’s easy to see why more and more buyers and sellers are going with Flo to ensure a successful outcome during their important move.

Go with Flo

With Flo, you not only get an exceptional level of service, but the honest, straightforward answers you need to make sound investment decisions for your future. She diligently keeps you informed every step of the way and encourages you to contact her anytime if you have a question or concern. As an Accredited Staging Professional, Flo is particularly skilled at helping sellers get the optimum return on their valuable investment. From her love for this area and detail-oriented style to her exceptional business expertise and market knowledge, Flo doesn’t let anything get in the way of your real estate success.

The Power of Teamwork

With Flo, you not only get a top notch real estate professional who is highly regarded and respected in the industry, you also get her stellar support team, each member a highly specialized and knowledgeable professional who handles specific aspects of your transaction, all under Flo’s expert guidance. With a team approach, nothing falls through the cracks, and the team allows Flo to focus on the important issues that truly impact your real estate transaction.
Before your next move, put your goals on the fast track with Flo Vachon and her team and discover why more buyers and sellers Go With Flo. Contact her today for all your home buying or selling needs.
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With The Flo Vachon Team, you not only get an exceptional level of service, but the honest, straightforward answers you need to make sound investment decisions for your future.